How Much Does A Home Water Filtration System Cost?

How Much Does A Home Water Filtration System Cost

Many people in Toronto are buying water filtration systems for their houses. With the increasing demand for water filters in the market, their prices are also rising. Many of our customers enquire about the cost of the water filtration system.
To make it even easier for you to select the right water filter that matches your budget, we have discussed all the factors that should be considered and also listed down the types of water filters available. By the end, you will be enlightened about the cost of water filters in detail and make the right choice for yourself.

Determining The Cost of Water Filtration System

Numerous factors influence the cost of a water purification system. These include the brand, the efficiency and capacity of the filter, and the labor charges. In this section, we will examine how these factors affect the pricing of any system. So, let’s see how you can prevent extra spending and save some money for yourself!


The better the brand, the higher the price. If you buy from a top brand in Toronto, they will automatically charge you more because they are committed to using expensive, top-quality tools and parts. At Watermart, however, we offer the best water filters at reasonable prices.

Capability & Capacity

The filter tanks that hold the water can be of varying sizes. This also plays a major role in the cost of water filters because a larger tank takes up more material and thus costs more. Additionally, not all filters have enough features, so if you choose a filter that’s more capable of water purification, like a whole-house water filter, it is comparatively more pricey.


Installing the filter yourself is easier and cheaper. On the other hand, if you have bought a complex water system like a water softener or whole-house water filter and are hiring an installation expert, it will cost around $200 to $600 extra, depending upon the level of their expertise.

Types of Filters

Filtration systems with simple filters like carbon and sediment filters cost less ($800 to $1500). However, if they have additional features, like a UV light filter, they are relatively expensive and can cost up to $3000.

Replacement of Filters

All filters require regular maintenance and replacement of the filter cartridges. Replacement charges range from $40 and sometimes go to $100 if there is a major issue in your water filtration system.
In addition to these factors, the cost of a home water filtration system also depends on the type of water filter you buy.
Here is a summarised pricing of the filter systems for all of the buyers:

Filter SystemsAverage Cost
Whole-house water filtration system$800 to $5000
Under-sink water filters$400 to $700
Well-water filtration systems$800 to $4500
Simple filters$100 to $500

Top Water Filtration System Types

There are three main types of water filtration system types. If you need to purify the whole water supply to your house, then you are definitely looking for a whole-house water filter.
However, if you want to filter water in one specific area, you can purchase small filter set-ups like a reverse osmosis water filter, which is a type of under-sink water filter. We have briefly described the prices of each filter system below.

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration

If you are installing a reverse osmosis filtration system as an under-sink filter, it costs between $400 to $700. There is also a whole-house reverse osmosis filter, which costs more. Reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane to purify water and remove 99% of contaminants. But it has a major drawback of wasting too much water as brine (impure water).

Whole House Water Filtration

Whole-house water filters are the most effective and complex systems because they filter the full water supply to your house. The whole house filtration system cost starts from $850 and goes up to 3000 if it has any UV filter or extra features.
UV filters use solar energy to destroy chemicals. The cost of a whole-house filtration system also depends on the size of the house and the filters in it. A bigger house will require a large whole-house filter set-up, which will be very expensive.

Simple Filtration

Simple filters are the cheapest and have prices between $100 to $500. They are good for you if you have a low budget and are not looking for a multi-stage filtration of your water.

Signs You Need a Water Filtration System

You should only invest in a water filter when you really need one because even though it has its advantages, it costs a handful of money. There are some signs that can help you figure out if you should install a water filter or not. We have discussed them briefly so you can see if you have observed any such symptoms.

You Notice Unpleasant Odors

If your water smells unpleasant, it means some bacteria is building up in it or maybe some dirty water mixed with it. In any case, foul-smelling water is harmful to one’s health and should be filtered before use.

You Taste Something Strange

If your water tastes unusual and strange while drinking, you should immediately stop using it. Bad taste usually means your water has an excessive amount of chlorine or hydrogen sulfide and should be treated as soon as possible. If your water tastes and smells the same, you can observe its color.

Your Tap Water Doesn’t Look Clean

You should notice the color of the water running in the tap. If it seems brownish or dull in color, it is time to buy a water purifier because unclean tap water is a sign that some chemicals are dissolved in it.

Your Area Had a Recent Boil Advisory

Sometimes, contaminants attack the main water system that supplies water to the whole area. In this case, the water inspector issues boil water notices to warn residents about the polluted water. If your area encounters a boil advisory, you will need to buy a water filter.

Your Water Test Came Back With Concerning Results

The best way is to get your water tested. You can also schedule a water test at Watermart by filling out this form. We will provide you with the water results very soon and you can also enquire at our customer service to discuss whether the results show a need for a water filter or not.

You Notice Other Issues

Other symptoms include damaged hair or skin, dirty spots when washing dishes and clothes, and lower water pressure than usual.
In any case, you should get a water filter installed for a safe and healthy water supply.

What Benefits Do Water Filters Bring?

You must be wondering why water filters are becoming a necessity in Toronto. Well, It’s simply because they have various benefits proving them worth their price. From making your water free of chemicals to enhancing the quality of water flowing through your taps, water purification installation is a fruitful investment. Here are more benefits of water filters:

Enhanced Quality & Taste

Of course, water that is pure of chemicals, pesticides, harmful compounds, and solids tastes and feels better than impure water. You will feel good while drinking filtered water because it is safe and healthy.

Drink More / Waste Less

With better quality, your will to drink more increases, and you remain hydrated more often than before. It also saves the wastage of bottled water.

Improved Energy Efficiency

With filtered water, all the machines can work to their fullest, thus improving their systems’ efficiency. Chemicals in the water usually make machines inefficient.

Extended Lifespan of Home Appliances

Many home appliances erode because of bad water containing strong chemicals. This causes the machine to deteriorate quicker than its guaranteed life. Pure and filtered water elevates the lifespan of all home appliances that use water, such as washing machines and dishwashers.

Easier Cleaning

After washing your dishes and clothes, you will not witness any water spots or dirty stains. Hard water is the main reason for improper cleaning, so making it softer and purer encourages easier and enhanced cleaning.

Experience Softer Skin & Hair

All beauty experts say good water is the secret to softer skin and hair, and well water (with an abundance of chemicals) can damage your hair and also give rise to different skin issues. That’s why a water filter will provide you with good-quality water for your hair and skin.

Water Filter Systems – A Worthy Investment Or Not?

In our opinion, installing a water filter system in your house is beneficial for you and your family. It will reduce any risks of contaminated water and provide you with only pure, tastier, healthier, and good-quality water that is safe for your household.
If you have a high budget, you can purchase a whole-house water filter, but if you have a low budget, you can just install an under-sink water filter that is smaller and easier to install as well. We have top-quality water filters with an extra layer of safety and exceptional prices, so you can put your trust in us and make a purchase now! At Watermart, we also have experts who will make the installation process easier and faster for you.


Are whole-house water filters worth it?

Yes, they are worth your money because whole-house filters provide pure water in every tap of your house, preventing the spread of any diseases.

Do you need a water filter in Toronto?

Water coming from the plants in Toronto is often safe to use and drink. However, it is better to get your water tested in case any chemicals get mixed in it. You can contact us to book a water test.

Where should a whole-house water filter be installed?

It should be installed in the main water supply lines, which can be found in your basement or crawlspace.

Who installs water filtration systems?

Using the right tools, you can install them by yourself but if you want an expert installation, you can hire professionals from Watermart.