Berkey Countertop Water Filters

Looking for clearly better water wherever you go? Berkey countertop water filters are among the world’s top-rated water purification systems and are ideal when space is at a premium.


Travel Berkey

Price: $465.00
People: 1-2

Big Berkey

Price: $521
People: 2-4

Royal Berkey

Price: $580.00
People: 4-6

Imperial Berkey

Price: $641.00
People: 6-10

Crown Berkey

Price: $679.00
People: 8-12+
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Exceptional Purification for Safe Water Consumption
Our countertop water filters are your ultimate safeguard against a myriad of harmful contaminants—be it pathogenic bacteria, hazardous chemicals, or viruses. Enjoy peace of mind while drinking, cooking, showering, and bathing.

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Versatile Water Source Compatibility
These filters are designed to clean water from multiple sources. Whether your water comes from a treatment plant, municipal supply, or natural reservoirs like remote lakes and streams, you can rely on our system for the purest water possible.

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Advanced Filtration with Berkey Systems
Our Berkey water systems enhance water quality by eliminating unwanted elements while preserving essential minerals your body needs. This ensures not only a safer but also a healthier hydration experience.

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Compact and User-Friendly Design
Perfect for a variety of living conditions, our countertop filters are portable and ideal for apartments, RVs, dormitories, hotels, and even camping trips.

Better Quality

Better Service

Better Health

Better Savings

As a family-owned, family-run business, we understand how valuable your time is. Contact us to book an installation that goes with your flow!


Why are the Berkey countertop water filters so effective?

The Berkey water filter uses gravity water filtration technology to remove toxic elements from your drinking water. It also preserves the beneficial minerals naturally present in your water and operates without electricity.

Can the Berkey water filter protect my family from viruses?

Microfine particulates such as bacteria, viruses, and even food colouring particulate cannot pass
through micro-fine pores in the filter. However, much smaller H2O molecules can easily pass through. The Berkey method ensures that viruses and other contaminants are kept out of your drinking water.

How does the Berkey water filter allow beneficial minerals to flow through the filter?

Berkey filters use technology that will not remove ionic minerals from the water. The media formulation within the filter does not have an affinity for beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium, allowing them to pass through the filter while keeping heavy metals and other contaminants out.

Should I use my Berkey water filter during a boil water advisory?

The Berkey filter has been tested to remove different bacteria, heavy metals, pathogens, and viral contaminants from drinking water. You do not have to boil tap water for fresh drinking water after running it through the Berkey system during a boil water advisory or natural disaster.

Are the Berkey stainless steel chambers easy to clean?

Yes! Simply wash the lower chamber once per month with soapy dishwater. If your area has hard water, calcium scale might build up upon the chambers and spigot. You can remove it by soaking the affected parts in vinegar or a 50/50 water-vinegar mix for about 15 minutes. Wipe away the calcium scale with a scouring pad or soft brush, then wash the parts with soapy dishwater and rinse.


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