Kitchen Water Filtration Systems: Clean Water at Your Fingertips!

With 30+ years of experience, Watermart is Toronto’s preferred choice for both residential and commercial water solutions. From basic chlorine filters to advanced kitchen water filtration systems, we cater to diverse needs, providing effective solutions for all types of contaminants

Types of Kitchen Water Filters: Which is Right for You?

Our kitchen water filtration systems provide you with the highest quality drinking water. However, with so many different types of water filters on the market, it can be hard to choose which one is the best fit for your family. Browse through our range of options to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Reverse Osmosis Systems (with or without pH boosting remineralization)

Remove sediment, organic and inorganic compounds from your tap water as well as chlorine, lead, aluminium, pharmaceuticals, fluoride and many others.

Filter through a fine sediment filter, then two extruded carbon filters, then a fine membrane and then a polishing filter. You can also opt to make the water alkaline.

Reverse osmosis

Multi-Stage Filtration Systems

Remove sediment and organic compounds from your tap water, as well as chlorine lead, aluminium, pharmaceuticals and many others.

Filter through a fine sediment filter and two extruded carbon filters. This system retains healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium without affecting your water’s pH level. You can also opt to make the water fluoride free.

Berkey Countertop Water Filters

Berkey water filtration systems are ideal when space is at a premium. Available in a range of sizes that sit on your countertop.

Berkey is an economical, portable choice for cleaner, healthier water at home or anywhere your family travels.


We carry a range of faucet designs in a variety of finishes. Odds are we have a faucet in stock that will work seamlessly with your kitchen design.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Cayley Montmarquette
Cayley Montmarquette
Samir was very professional, and did an excellent job of repairing our water filters.
Meg R
Meg R
We continue to have excellent experiences with this business. We had a Reverse Osmosis system installed under our kitchen sink 3 yrs ago, and a shower filter added in our main bath. The difference with both is amazing. Worth every penny, since Pickering water has such a strong chlorine smell/taste. Now our drinking water tastes wonderful, and showers don't smell like a public pool! Our technician, Ken, is always time, very polite and communicative (no sales pressure at all!), works fast, and cleans up after. We have had annual maintenance done twice and it's quick and easy. Couldn't be happier. Would recommend Watermart anytime.
Kari St
Kari St
Watermart is an amazing company. It was a pleasure communicating with Donna, and excellent service installation by George. Thank you!
Ornella Burns
Ornella Burns
Zia was very efficient. Happy!
Susana Acaylar
Susana Acaylar
Great service today with the technician Samir. We are very happy and satisfied with his service. He is very well-mannered and took time to explain what was the problem. Watermark is the best. We’ve been in watermark for more that 15 years.
Sarah Ca
Sarah Ca
Great service with Zia. Fast, clean and very professional.
Samir was not only proficient at his job at updating my system. He was extremely pleasant and I give 10/10 for good work experience.
Have been a watermart customer for 8 years, never had a problem with their service or hardware since. Samir came by today for our regular maintenance and was in and out as scheduled, thank you!
Sarah Powell
Sarah Powell
Watermart serviced my whole home filtration system. Samir arrived on time and he was efficient and thorough. Samir was great. He explained everything to me and was very pleasant and respectful. We will continue to use Watermart.
Matthew Matt
Matthew Matt
Had Samir show up yesterday to help us replace a water filter and the faucet as well, and he was incredibly professional and helpful! He made sure everything was clean and ready before he left, definitely will be working with Watermart again!
Under Sink

Under Sink Water Filtration Systems: Solving Toronto Tap Water Issues

If you’re a homeowner in Toronto, you may be aware of the challenges surrounding the quality of tap water in the area. Contaminants like lead and chlorine by-products may pose long-term health risks, while unregulated contaminants like microplastics and PFAS are also a concern.

WaterMart understands the importance of having access to clean and safe drinking water, so we offer top-notch kitchen water filters to remove impurities and contaminants. Our installation process is hassle-free, and our under sink filtration systems offer a range of benefits.

By installing an under sink filtration system, you can have the confidence that your drinking water is clean and free from harmful contaminants. With our systems, you can enjoy quality water right from your kitchen sink.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality under sink water filtration systems and services inToronto. Let us provide you quality water from your own kitchen tap.

Advantages of Installing a Kitchen Water Filter!

If you’re worried about the safety and quality of your tap water in Toronto, a kitchen water filtration system might be just what you need. It’s a common solution for people who want to enjoy better-tasting and healthier water. But is it really necessary to purify your water? Let’s look into the advantages of installing a kitchen water filter system.

Clean and Safe Water

Clean and Safe Water

Installing a kitchen sink water filter is a great way to ensure you have access to healthy, safe drinking water in your home. Not only are our  kitchen water filtration system designed to remove larger particles such as sediment, but they trap all sorts of contaminants and pollutants that can be detrimental to your health. We’re talking about things like lead, mercury,pesticides, herbicides, hormones, pharmaceuticals and more that can existing in minute quanitities in your drinking source. From a long=term health perspecive it makes sense to protect yourself and your family.   Invest in a quality kitchen water filter.

Environmental Benefits

Environmentally-Friendly Option

The sheer amount of plastic waste generated every single day Is a concern for everyone. , However,  you can take charge and make a difference. By installing a kitchen water filtration system, you are not only making sure your tap water is healthy to drink, but also helping to reduce plastic waste. Instead of relying on bottled water, now you can enjoy refreshingly clean and pure drinking water from your own home – no plastic bottles required.


Better Tasting Food

From the humble cup of tea to gourmet  meals, filtered water makes a huge difference in taste. Kitchen water filters reduce chlorine, mineral buildup and other excess contaminants. Water filter kitchen systems also offer integrated multi-stage filtration for a more thorough purification process that combats heavy metals, chlorine and many other contaminants. Investing in a water filter kitchen for your home is an easy way to make sure you are getting access to quality tasting food every day.

Your Health, Our Priority - Install A Kitchen Water Filter Today!

Kitchen Water filters

Understanding How Kitchen Water Filters Work!

One of the most important investments you can make in your home is a kitchen water filter. Kitchen water filters work to purify tap water and make it cleaner, tastier, and healthier. By using a multi-stage filtration process, they can remove many contaminants from the water.

The Multi-Stage Filtration Process
Kitchen water filtration systems typically use a multi-stage filtration process to remove impurities from tap water.

The stages include:
Sediment filters: These trap large particles like dirt and rust.
Carbon filters: These adsorb smaller particles like chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, herbicides and odours.
Reverse osmosis: This stage removes microscopic particles like lead, arsenic, microplastics, and other pollutants.

Removing Harmful Contaminants
The multi-stage filtration process is highly effective in removing harmful contaminants from tap water. It eliminates bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants that can cause health problems. By removing these contaminants, you can enjoy cleaner, healthier water for drinking, cooking, and washing.

Improving Taste and Odor
Water filter kitchen systems also improve the taste and odour of tap water. Carbon filters are particularly effective in removing chlorine and other chemicals that can give tap water an unpleasant taste or odour. This means you can enjoy cleaner, fresher tasting water straight from your kitchen tap.

Healthier Water for You and Your Family
Using a kitchen water filter provides many benefits for you and your family. By removing harmful contaminants and improving the taste and odour of tap water, you can be confident that the water you’re drinking and using for cooking is clean and healthy.

Clean water

Clean Water for Drinking and Cooking in Your Toronto Home!

If you live in the Toronto area and want to ensure your family is drinking the cleanest, purest water possible – install a kitchen water filter. Installing a kitchen water filtration system from WaterMart is a great way to ensure your family is drinking the cleanest, purest water available. Reverse osmosis kitchen faucets and other types of water filtration systems for the kitchen sink provide an additional level of protection from harmful contaminants in your water supply, such as lead, chlorine by-products, pesticides and heavy metals. Our efficient kitchen water filtration systems use a multi-stage process to remove virtually all impurities from your tap water before it reaches your glass.

Installing a kitchen water filtration system is a breeze, so you can enjoy cost savings over the long term compared to constantly buying bottled water. Investing in a quality kitchen water filter from WaterMart is an excellent choice for health and hygiene reasons. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your family has access to superior drinking and cooking water whenever they need it.

So why settle for ordinary tap water when you can have the clean and safe drinking water that you deserve? Trust our reverse osmosis kitchen sink systems to provide you with the best-tasting and highest quality water possible.

Easy Installation and Maintenance in Toronto: Ensuring Optimal Performance of Your Kitchen Water Filter!

Installation of a kitchen water filter in Toronto is an easy process that can be carried out quickly and with minimal effort. Our team of professionals will take the necessary steps to ensure the installation is completed correctly, so that your water filtration system works optimally. The installation process involves assessing the size of the space you have available, measuring for compatibility with your water source, and ensuring all connections are secure and in proper working order. Our team can provide you with advice on the best location for your kitchen sink water filtration systems to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. 

Maintenance of a kitchen water filter is essential to ensure its optimal performance over a longer period of time. We will let you know when you are due for service. We will set up a time that is conventient for you, arrive in a one-hour window and do a thorough job of focussed on system sanitization. We will dissassemble your system, wash out all of the housings, flush everything with 35% food-grade peroxide, lubricate all of the seals with food-grade lubricant, replace the filters with the highest quality available, flush and pressure test. We provide reliable and cost-effective maintenance services including filter cartridge replacements, membrane maintenance, pump services, valve adjustment, and tank inspections.

Keeping up with routine maintenance also helps identify problems before they become serious issues, saving you time and money in the long run. With our assistance, you can keep your kitchen water filter producing healthy water  for many years to come.

Your Questions Answered

What is a kitchen water filter service?

A kitchen water filter service is a specialized maintenance designed to provide an effective and efficient way to maintain the quality of drinking water in your home. We will let you know when you are due for service. We will set up a time that is conventient for you, arrive in a one-hour window and do a thorough job of focussed on system sanitization. We will dissassemble your system, wash out all of the housings, flush everything with 35% food-grade peroxide, lubricate all of the seals with food-grade lubricant, replace the filters with the highest quality available, flush and pressure test.

How often should I replace my kitchen water filter?

We determine when you are due for service according to three factors:

  1. Time 
  2. How much water you will probably use
  3. The quality of water in your neighbourhood

Regardless of how much or how little you use your drinking water system, all water treatment systems develop non-pathogenic bacteria over time. These colonies can form biofilms and build up during conditions of low water use and periodic stagnation. These are not associated with health risks. However, they can cause foul tastes and odours as they die off or decay.

Don’t wait until the water doesn’t taste right – this will happen long after the system actually needs attention!

You have 3 options for service:

  1. We can mail you the filter replacements
  2. You can come by the office and pick them up at our office: 276 Carlaw Avenue, Unit 301, Toronto ON, M4M 3L1
How does a kitchen water filter work?

Kitchen water filters use a combination of sediment filtration, activated carbon, and sometimes reverse osmosis to remove contaminants from your drinking water. The process works by passing the incoming tap water through tiny pores in the sediment filter to remove contaminants such as sand, silt, aluminum and asbestos. Following this, the water passes through activated carbon to remove chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, pharmaceuticals and (if your system does not have a reverse osmosis membrane) lead. Finally, if you have a reverse osmosis system, the water passes through the membrane to remove inorganic compounds such as arsenic, cyanide and metals-based drugs. The result is clean and safe drinking water.

What health benefits does using a kitchen water filter offer?

There are some studies that link chlorination byproducts to certain types of cancers. Installing a kitchen water filter helps to reduce or eliminate harmful contaminants from your drinking water which can have adverse health effects over time. 

How long will it take to install my kitchen water filter?

On average, an under-sink drinking water system will take about an hour to an hour and a half to install.