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Water Testing Toronto —WaterMart’s Water Quality Solutions

Water is the lifeblood of your home. At Watermart, we provide comprehensive water quality solutions and FREE water testing to check what’s in your water. Healthy and potable drinking water is free from microorganisms, harmful chemical substances, and radioactive matter. 

Watermart strives to provide safe drinking water while retaining naturally occurring minerals, beneficial for your health. Our certified professionals access your home water and test it for potential contaminants, including bacteria, heavy metals, nitrates & nitrites for a better life.

What Could Be in Your Tap Water?

Water, as clear as a crystal, can be deceiving. Most of our water tests show insane amounts of harmful chemicals, microorganisms, and bacteria in your tap water. Some of the common elements found in the municipal water of Toronto include: heck what’s in your water.
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Chlorine is usually added to water (swimming pools) to disinfect it. However, higher levels of Chlorine have adverse effects on human health, such as respiratory irritation, skin and eye infections, and unpleasant taste and odor of tap water.

Watermart closely monitors the Chlorine levels and makes sure they stay within the safe limits to avoid potential health risks.

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Safe levels of Fluoride ions in your water will protect against dental cavities. However, higher levels (above 1.5 mg\l) cause discoloration and mottled teeth. The worst of all excessive levels of Fluoride cause bone damage.

Therefore, at Watermart, we make sure the Fluoride concentration in your tap water remains under control.

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Ammonia itself does not pose any serious challenges to adults. However, when Ammonia reacts with Chlorine, it creates harmful disinfection products that may harm your kidneys in the long run.

Watermart provides FREE water testing to identify ammonia in your tap water and advice on the next steps accordingly.

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Iron & Manganese

The presence of Iron and Manganese may cause brown and black spots on laundry and sinks. They may also contribute to the metallic taste in your water, affecting your daily coffee and tea taste.

Though the health hazards are not as dangerous as other minerals, we suggest testing your water and treating it using a water softener to save your laundry.

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In tap water or drinking water, the levels of nitrate should not exceed 45 mg/L.

Anything that goes above this, causes serious issues, especially in babies, such as blue baby disease.

In adults, the effects are not as intense as in infants. However, bouts of nausea, headaches, and stomach cramps are a few adverse effects of nitrates in your tap water.

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Calcium & Magnesium

The water hardness duo that forms soap scum buildup, reduces cleaning efficiency and leaves stubborn scales in your pipes and appliances. Also, they alter the taste and odor of your water, affecting the aroma and taste of your beverages.

Magnesium levels above 125 mg/L cause a laxative effect on some people that may cause health issues.

Watermart provides professional testing services and suggests the best water treatment solutions tailored to your needs.

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Arsenic is usually present in well water and poses serious health issues to people, including fatal cancers, skin lesions and corns, diabetes, and developmental problems in children.

Therefore, if you own a private well, schedule your water testing services now to prevent potential health risks.

When To Test Your Home’s Water?

Don’t wait for problems to arise before testing your tap water. Tap water in Toronto contains harmful chemicals and contaminants that can risk your life.

High-Quality Water Filtration Systems

Moving Into A New House

Moving into a new home is overwhelming, but you certainly don’t want certain factors to influence your water quality and physical health.
Therefore, scheduling a FREE water test by a professional company identifies potential issues and provides viable solutions to tackle the problem.
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Altered Water Taste, Odor, or Color

A pungent smell, metallic taste, and unusual discoloration got you down? Schedule water testing services in Toronto to identify the main culprit behind all these issues.

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Old Plumbing

Old plumbing pipes and systems accumulate certain contaminants and bacteria over time. They may be seriously harmful to your health. Tap water analysis in Toronto provides complete peace of mind and educates you about your water composition.

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Post Plumbing Repairs

After plumbing repairs, it’s imperative to schedule a water test to check for new contaminants, bacteria, or viruses.

Sustainable Practices

Unexplained Health Problems

If you’re facing unexplained health concerns, such as stomach ache, mottled teeth, digestive issues, or inferior water quality might be the reason.
Watermart’s water testing services ensure the water you drink is safe to consume and free of contaminants and dissolved minerals.
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A Private Well

Private wells are more prone to developing certain contaminants and bacteria as compared to municipal water sources.
We recommend scheduling regular water tests if you own a private well.

Why Choose WaterMart?

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Experienced Professionals

We have industry experts who understand the ins and outs of water treatment systems. With over 30 years of outstanding experience, we stay well-acquainted and well-informed about the latest advancements in the water treatment industry to provide efficient and effective solutions for your needs.

High-Quality Filter Systems

Our water filters are highly efficient, and designed to remove the tiniest particles from your tap water. We use eco-friendly filtration methods to reduce the Carbon footprint, safe for you and the environment.

Trusted By More Than 800 Homes

Our extensive base of satisfied clients as their filtration partners in Toronto is a testament to our commitment to your health and empowering you to make informed decisions about your water quality. More than 800 homes and businesses swear by our services to maintain the quality of their water.

Schedule Your Free Water Test now

Concerned about the quality of your water and the health of your loved ones? Don’t wait any longer and schedule our FREE water test now.
With over 30 years of providing exceptional water testing services for homeowners and businesses in Toronto, we guarantee reliable and efficient solutions tailored to your needs.


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