How To Install Whole House Water Filtration System In 2024

How To Install Whole House Water Filtration System

Installing a whole-house water filtration system is not everyone’s cup of tea. While some people manage to perform a DIY installation, others get stuck due to the use of complex plumbing tools.

Even if you have all the required equipment, securing the connections is yet another complicated task. Although the whole-house water filter setup requires good plumbing skills, you can DIY it with the right guidance regarding its installation.

That’s why, in this article, I have discussed every minor detail you need to know about the installation process. From the tools and materials needed to install the whole house water filter to a step-by-step guide on installation, there is everything that will make this task very easy for you.

So, without further ado, let’s look into the detailed guide below!

What You’ll Need For Installing Whole House Water Filter? 

To make every project successful, you should have the proper tools and materials you will need during the process. Similarly, before you start installing the whole-house water filtration system, the main question is what pieces of equipment you need to complete the setup without any complications.

Equipment/Tools Required

You will require:

  • Drill machine
  • An adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Pipe fittings
  • Pipe cutter

It is better to keep all your plumbing equipment with you like a tech gun, and gauge plugs.

Materials Needed

The materials you will need before installing a whole-house water filter are:

  • A stool
  • A whole house water filter system from a reliable brand
  • Any bucket to fill the leftover water coming out from the main shut-off valve
  • Plumber’s thread tape

Once you have all the things ready, we can proceed to the main part of installing the water filter.

Step-by-Step Guide On Water Filter Installation

In this section, I have jotted down all the steps to position your whole house water filter properly in the right place. If you follow these steps carefully, by the end, you will have a whole house water filter system working in your house without any leaking or loose connections.

Plus, it will also save you the cost of hiring a plumber. Let’s start by finding the best location for the water filter setup:

If you Are in hurry you can check our infographic of water filter installation Guide:

Water Filter Installation Guide

Find the Best Location

Before you open your bag of tools and start installing them, the first question is where to install a whole-house water filter. The best place to install the water filter is near your main water supply because that is where the water enters your house’s pipelines.

It is also important to install your water filter away from humidity and moisture. That’s why the main shut-off valve is the best location to start with.

Turn off the Water Supply and Remove the Pipe Section

Once you have decided on the location, you need to turn off the main water supply. You can use a bucket to collect leftover water leaking from the valve. Next, use the measurements in the manual to measure the pipe’s size to set up the water filter.

Cut the part of that pipe very precisely and carefully. Make sure that you choose a position where you can easily replace the water filter whenever needed.

Install Filters and Shut-Off Valves

There is a manufacturer’s guide and manual with the filter that explains how to install the new shut-off valves. Use the guide to screw in the nails and fix the water filter in the right place. First, do not tighten the nuts.

Secure the Connections

When you have installed it, test the filter by running the water. Turn on the main valve and check the water in all taps. If it works according to your needs and satisfies your need for clean and pure water, go back to the filter and tightly secure it in place. You should use the plumbers thread tap to seal it in more properly, and it’s done!

Do You Need an Expert or Can DIY it?

Although it is easy to install it yourself using the manual, you can also get an expert to do it quickly and professionally. Our expert workers at Watermart are highly trained with plumbing tools and will install water filter for you and answer every query you have regarding its installation process.

We are the best water filter providers in Toronto, and we even offer customized water systems to meet our customers’ demands. The workers will also assist you with the maintenance and replacement of filter cartridges, membranes, and valves whenever required.

What Types of Impurities Do These Filters Eliminate?

Once you install the water filtration system, you will get complete access to pure water free of any impurities. The multiple-stage filtration removes 99% of chemical compounds like:

  • Nitrates
  • Sodium
  • Iron 
  • Sulfur
  • Chlorine
  • Lead

Home water filter system

It also purifies the water from dissolved solids, organic compounds, metals, and bacteria making it safer and healthier for use.

This filtered water has a better quality and a better taste than the unfiltered water. In addition to providing good quality water, the filter also removes any odors present in the liquid. The purified water is good for drinking and will also help in brighter laundry.

What Is The Aftermath of Installing Water Filtration System?

After installing a whole-house water filter, you also need to check its performance. It is important to maintain and replace filter cartridges regularly to ensure the purity of water and the safety of your health.

At Watermart, we offer service contracts where our workers will visit your place to check for any worn-out or damaged parts or clogging of valves and pipes. In any case, it is better to replace the filters after every six months. You can also monitor any changes in the pressure of water flowing in the taps. If it seems unusual, you should contact a consultant to get it checked.

Install Your Whole House Water Filter Now!

Whole house water filtration is a cost-effective, easy-to-set-up, and efficient way to filter the main supply of water in your house. It is extremely significant to remove the presence of any impurities in the water that you use for your house chores or daily consumption.

All you need is proper plumbing expertise, the right location, and a whole-house water filter, which you can simply install with your main water supply. Once installed properly, water flowing through your pipelines is free from dust particles, organic compounds, germs, and harmful chemicals like chlorine, lead, nitrates, and mercury.

So what are you waiting for? Get a whole-house water filtration system for your home now!



How frequently should the filter be maintained or replaced?

It is preferred to replace and maintain your filters (carbon and sediment) and filter cartridges after every 3-6 months. Some people also replace their filters after 12 months.

Can I install these filters myself?

Yes, if you have a little knowledge about plumbing and its tools, you can conveniently install a whole house water filter on your own.

Are these filters suitable for well water?

Yes, it can also purify well water, but an ultraviolet (UV) filter is more suitable for well water.

How long does It take to install a water filtration system?

Installing a water filter usually takes around 2 hours. However, if you are inexperienced and setting it up for the first time, it can take comparatively longer.

How long do water filters last?

Most water filters last for 6 to 12 months. It is better to get them replaced or at least maintained within a year. Very few water filters are also known to last for two years.

How much does it cost to install a whole-house water filtration system?

Our water filter is very cost-effective, but the average cost of installing a whole-house water filter ranges between $1044 and $3266. It mostly depends upon the brand and type of water filter you choose. Call us or fill out the form to learn more about the cost of the system and its installation.