FAQs: Commercial / Restaurant Support

Watermart’s High Capacity Office Water Filtration System is a low-maintenance, under-sink solution that reduces the vast majority of impurities in our tap water, including chlorine, lead, mercury, aluminum, asbestos, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, hormones, chloramines, and trihalomethanes. We also offer bottle-free coolers – both stand alone and countertop units – that offer your employees and guests the highest quality hot and cold water.

A flexible restaurant and café water filtration system gives beverages a smooth, crisp taste that your customers will notice with every sip – even if you own several locations on different water supplies.

Our water technicians can provide you with placement and plumbing guidance based on your space, as well as professional installation and a customer experience second to none!

Watermart offers a range of water filters or bottleless water coolers for purchase or rent, so you can manage cash flow and the flow of cleaner water. Not only are they more affordable than plastic water bottles, but there’s also no minimum order commitment when renting from us.

We’ll establish a service schedule that is appropriate for your water use and your water supply – and if you rent, that fee is included in your rental price. During the cleaning, we take your system apart, dispose of filters, wash all parts in soap and water, re-assemble everything and apply food-grade peroxide. We flush the system to ensure there’s no growth and lubricate all seals. As independent business owners, we know that time is money. Maintenance calls can typically be scheduled as soon as the next day.


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