Whether you buy your system from us – or not – our multi-award winning service team keeps your system optimized and free from potentially harmful residues.

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Cleary better service

When installing or servicing your water system, we use surgical gloves and sanitize the whole system with 35% food-grade peroxide. But nothing in life can be disinfected 100%, and while there are no pathogens, some tiny, non-nefarious microbes will still exist. Since a water system is at room temperature, it’s natural that these microbes will grow over time.

Depending on your system, we’ll take everything apart, dispose of filters, wash all parts in soap and water, reassemble everything and circulate food-grade peroxide throughout the system. This takes about an hour and then you can get on with your day.

When to book a service

There are a few factors when considering how often your water system should be maintained:


The Water Quality Association recommends that a water system be maintained at least once a year. This means sanitizing and changing the filters.


Any time your system is inactive for 30 days or more, the water in the system becomes stagnant. So you should have the filters removed and sanitized.

Excessive Use

Our under-sink water systems assume the use of a family of 4-5. If you’re in an office — or if you’re generally just using more water — your filters will naturally start to clog faster.


Any road work, construction, or neighbourhood water-main repairs can cause dirt to get into your system, resulting in your filters clogging more quickly.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Fantastic, reliable, and quality service and products. We had our yearly filter change and was visited by Zia. He was courteous and thorough with his explanation and support on how to maintain our facet. It had to be replaced a few times over the years because of wear and tear from swivelling. He recommended a reasonable upgrade and looked at the underlying issue with great patience. He was genuine, outlined the product choices and took time to explain and answered my questions. He also finished the replacement of our filters in a timely manner. Great service. So impressed. Will use them for good.
Dorothea Bailey-Leung
Dorothea Bailey-Leung
16:34 25 Jul 22
We have been working with Watermart for many years and I can honestly say their service is amazing. Dave, the owner has a remarkable bedside manner and truly cares about the customers and their access to clean water. All his employees have always been friendly and competent. Today Samir changed our filters in a timely manner, checked that all was working well and explained all that was done. We are happy with our water and appreciate that for years now we have been able to avoid using plastic bottles and that we are working with a company that cares about its customers. Thank you Watermart!
Goji B
Goji B
20:56 12 Jul 22
We've been so happy with our Watermart filter system. The water is clean and tastes great, and we even have filtered water running through our fridge and our shower heads! We just had our first annual service to replace the filters and the technician, Samir, was amazing. Professional, friendly, efficient, and went out of his way to make sure we had a pleasant experience from start to finish. Great company, great people!
Aji Chronicles
Aji Chronicles
17:39 04 Aug 22
I previously used Watermart at my parents' house for the reverse osmosis system and they've been great to deal with. I knew I needed a water softener and reverse osmosis system when I moved out and Watermart was my top choice.Donna has been excellent to deal with throughout the process, ensuring I had all the information I needed and explained all the benefits to make a sound decision. But that didn't stop there. Samir came in to do the installation and he was very thorough with his work - kept a clean workstation, explained each step before and after, making sure I knew what was happening and explained each of the after-care steps. I feel confident for choosing Watermart and will recommend to family and friends.
Melanie Liu
Melanie Liu
23:46 29 Aug 22
Have been a customer for over 7 years. They have never disappointed. Excellent product and quality service. Most certainly would recommend Watermart to anyone. Watermart services my system annually and at the most recent appointment, their technician Samir was superb as usual. Punctual, polite, clean and efficient - a professional. Keep up the good work!
Patrick Ang
Patrick Ang
16:24 05 Sep 22